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PvP Island server - Public workshop

Do you really really need something? or do you have excess of something and willing to trade for it? post in here
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PvP Island server - Public workshop

Post#1 » Sun Jul 09, 2017 6:51 pm

New player? Or need to get back up on your feet after getting hit by a raid? Then if you're in the south on the Island PvP server, head over to the north side of the inlet near Stone Henge where I've built a public workshop that can also double as a 'safe' trading area (just don't actually go to the Stone Henge site).

I know Munki has his pub, but for fresh spawns with no flier 50 50 can be a long haul to get to early on. And on a PvP server, it's always more fun when there are people to PvP. So the purpose of this workshop is to help new players level fast and get established, or to get back on their feet and wipe away a bloody nose after getting raided. If you're also too low of a level to craft a ptera saddle and have tamed one while there, let us know and if you have the materials and we have the time we can craft one up for you to get you started. It goes without saying though: as this location is unlocked and open to all, any materials you leave there can be used/taken by others so keep that in mind and don't use it as your personal storage spot.

I'm aware this can easily be abused/trashed but hopefully there will be enough people in the community to see the value of such a location in breeding healthy PvP.

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