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[Old] New Rules

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[Old] New Rules

Post#1 » Sun Feb 26, 2017 8:20 pm

Please make sure you read and fully understand the rules before playing as ignorance is not an excuse.

No cheating: This includes hacks, map glitches or bots (macros are okay).

Accounts: Only one forum/game account per user. No offensive names. Players cannot "impersonate" other tribes or players, if there is confusion its up to the player to publicly correct the problem in game chat.

  • PvP is 24/7 on this server, structure protection is only enabled to limit damage during the week.
  • Players may attack other players over the level 20 unless the low level player initiated PvP and you can kill any level sleeping player.
  • If a player is being hostile with a dino towards you, you have every right to defend yourself and kill that player and dino (even when its passive after killing the player)

Tribe Limits:
  • You must not use alliances to skirt the Tribe max... e.g build your bases all together in 1 big compound, and must act independently, e.g 1 tribe leader telling the other tribe what to do..

Tribe Names:
  • You shall not change your tribe name more than once within a 30day period, if you require the name to be changed you are required to get approval from the admin, due to raiders changing their names while raiding to hide who was causing it, any unauthorised changes will result in a permaban!
  • Your tribe name cannot be offensive, contain advertising or include swear/vulgar words, this is a game (with kids who play) and those who dont take it seriously should go elsewhere,
    if you are unsure on the classification of your tribe name, contact DrunkMunki.

Player Names:
  • Your player name cannot be something with derogatory terms, swear words ... this indicates you dont take this game seriously and are just here to troll ... if the admin feels the name is offensive it will be changed.
  • Players shall not advertise using their player name or tribe name, this includes YouTube or Twitch addresses.

Definition: someone who is restricted on leaving area (Cage, weight, handcuffs...)
  • Hostages are not to be tranq'd more than 50% (max 1hr) of the time.
  • A hostage is to be only taken for up-to 2 hours, then must be released once the 2 hours has expired.
  • You are not permitted to take the same player hostage for at-least 24 hours (but can be killed).
  • If the tribe who detained the prisoner all log off, they must release/kill the player.
  • Once you have a hostage, you are required to announce "_____ is now a hostage".. for example DrunkMunki is now a hostage..... this creates a public record of when the timer starts, failure to do this can result in a player choosing any of your dinos as compensation if the timer goes beyond 2hrs (proof required by prisoner).

Base Attack/Raid Rules:
The purpose of a raid is to steal supplies and information, not to take over a base or cause great harm. To this end when performing a raid the following rules are in effect:
  • When attacking a base during a raid you may only cause the smallest amount of damage possible to get at what you need. Please note there may be collateral damage around Vaults, as this is unavoidable its not classified as excessive damage.
  • A raid is considered started when the first structure within the targets base is destroyed (creating a log entry).
  • A raid must not last longer than 6 hours (this is plenty of time to get what you need and leave).
  • You are allowed to return to your base for resources and dinos to continue raiding within those 6 hours.
  • You CANNOT raid the same tribe’s base twice within 9 days (give them a chance to rebuild).
  • You may not turn dinos into shields to protect your base (e.g surrounding your base and putting on passive to prevent raiding). If you do this, that dino will be considered collateral damage and void of protection by these rules.
  • Turrets are permitted to be on any setting but must be used to defend a base and not be used for harassment (scattering around the map), recommended having signs around base.
  • If a tribe has multiple bases, each base can be raided only once that weekend, same structure cannot be re-raided until after 9 days.
  • A base being open (doors open...) doesn't exclude it from any damage, it may allow easy of access but other factors (potential trap, hidden explosives, hidden turrets...) may result in damage to items within the structure.

Excessive Damage:
Definition: If a large portion of you base structure has been damaged; this varies from type of material (thatch, stone, metal) as stone bases will have more splash damage than metal, this definition will refer to metal bases as wood/stone bases require minimal effort to gain entry..
  • Excessive damage is based on your base design, don’t build everything so compact people need to destroy your whole base to get into something, excessive damage won’t be applicable if your base is small, very cramped and contained.
  • Excessive damage is for building structures only, does not include S+ tools such as smithy's, forges, storage (which auto lock).... recommended you keep them away from your main base as they can be destroyed.
  • Boats and Tree Platforms have no protection under excessive damage and can be destroyed.
See below for comparisons
damage.jpg (99.88 KiB) Viewed 12303 times

Dino Restrictions:
  • You must not encase a dino in structures (dino's that use platforms); due to base protection, this would make dino's invulnerable and waste ammo from turrets, you cannot build more than 2 structure levels below the saddle.
  • You must not have automated turrets (powered or plant x) on dino platforms; as this would violate server rules when a turret attacks a passive dino, turrets are permitted on boats with any setting (make sure the boat isn’t near land where turrets can affect others).

Harassment/Griefing Rules:
  • You must not repeatedly target a single player when they respawn, e.g camping at their front door and killing them repeatedly as soon as they come out or exit the boundaries of their base.
  • Griefing is considered repeatedly harassing/killing someone over a 1 hour period.
  • If a tribe, group, or individual is found to be constantly attacking then action will be taken.
Please refer to viewtopic.php?f=4&t=87 for more harassment information.

Volcano/Mountain: (TheIsland Map)
  • Volcano at 42 (lat) / 39 (long) is off-limits for building, it can only be used for resource collection.
  • PVP is not permitted inside the crater.
  • You can build a mining outpost at the base of the mountain but not on the sides (or you can use a quetz for a mobile base).
  • Dinos cannot be left alone at the volcano crater for no longer than an hour.

Passive Dinos:
  • You may not pick up any other tribes dinos and place them in a position to be killed.
  • You may not drop wild dinos into a tribe’s base.
  • You may tranq/knock out dinos to loot/raid, but must NOT kill them (this also means putting the unconscious dino in a position where wild animals can kill it)
  • You may not attack/kill dinos that are currently being tamed and are defenceless, or being hatched (eggs).

  • Due to structure protection; you must clean up after yourself, e.g removing spikes and taming pens no longer in use, this prevents others from using the land as they cannot remove the items themselves.
  • Structures that are abandoned or made demolish-able maybe removed by players or the admin, this includes taming pens not near the tribe’s base. (please post on forum if you are going to be away, or message Drunk Munki)
  • Building on obelisks or their respective craters is not allowed.
  • Building in caves (land or underwater) are permitted so long as they do not block access to any unique resources such as artifacts or drops (caves without unique resources can be blocked for base usage).
  • Placing foundations/pillars to claim land or to block mass amount of resource spawns is also disallowed and may result in your structure being removed or entire tribe’s structures wiped (if excessive).

Blackmail: If a player violates these rules against you or your tribe and it isn’t reported the moment you find out, or you choose to delay the report, you accept your report may be voided due to time factors; e.g if you are raided or your dinos are killed, you negotiate with the offenders (e.g a replacement dino) and for some reason they pissed you off and you report it, this will void the report as you accepted compensation.

Advertising: Players shall not advertise other servers, YouTube or Twitch addresses in game, if you need to share a TS that is fine as long as its related to general chat requests... advertising will result in an immediate ban.

Remember, this is a SURVIVAL GAME, shit will happen, things will be said ... at the end of the day its just a game.

These rules are specifically designed for this server, its stats and players feedback, it may not be reproduced without written approval from DrunkMunki, consider this information copyrighted.

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Re: *** New Rules ***

Post#2 » Sun Feb 26, 2017 8:26 pm

Filing a grievance
Message me on the forum or email me, NOT ON STEAM!
If you believe someone is violating the rules, i will require a screenshot (F12 key in game) of the person + name or dino and screenshots of tribe logs and damage caused to act upon, as only chat is logged and impossible for the admin to be on 24/7.
All reports are private and any information provided will not be passed on to other players.

  • Your "In Game" Name
  • Your Tribe
  • Offenders "In Game" Name (if known, or dinos name)
  • Offenders Tribe
  • Server you play on?
  • Description of incident
  • choice: Compensation or Ban (may not result in either)
  • Screenshots of tribelog, damage, and other evidence

Filing a rebuttal
Have you been banned? or feel it was unjustified or unfair?
I am more than happy to discuss the issue with you, hear your side, the more evidence you can prove your point the better.
Being banned from the server doesn't mean you will be banned from the Forum or TeamSpeak, feel free to Message me on the forum or send me an email, as with above do not message me on STEAM regarding this unless I contact you first.
- If your entire tribe is banned, you have 7 days from the time of ban to raise an objection.
- if an individual has been banned, you have 14 days to raise an objection.
- If you are banned for longer than 3 months, you can request a repeal.

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Re: *** New Rules ***

Post#3 » Sun Mar 26, 2017 9:29 am

Rules Updated 26/03/2017

- Increased raid time from 4hrs to 6hrs; mainly due to people using a large amount of turrets.

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