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Cluster Re-org, 3 Player Tribe Limits

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Cluster Re-org, 3 Player Tribe Limits

Post#1 » Wed May 22, 2019 6:12 pm

New Cluster Design; I will be replacing the current 10 player tribe cluster with a 3 player tribe server
- All Servers to be Wiped on 1st June around 8am (depends when i wake up :p)
- Maps will be; TheCentre, Aberration, Extinction and Ragnarok (all othe maps will be deleted)
- Server side mods: ORP (protection after 30mins), Cannons will not damage structures, Cross Server Chat, Raid notification through Discord, suicide
- 1 week grace period, no structure damage until sat 8th
- Mechs will be removed from the game
- Titans wont be tamable
- Tek will be autolearned when reaching level 105
- Extinction Engrams Auto Learned: CryoPod, CryoFridge, Taxidermy Base/Tool and Dino Leash

Tame/Breed/Stacking = 10x
Gather = 6x
XP = 5x
Cave Structure Damage = 2x

-No tribe alliances, you may have help from another tribe to raid, but this cannot happen regularily, this would be considered acting as one tribe and both tribes will be banned, if in doubt ask/notify me.

To use Raid notification, when in game type /setdiscord <Discord name> e.g /setdiscord DrunkMunki#5598
You then need to validate through a code PM'd to you on discord, post thatin game and you have linked your account.
/raidwarning <mins> .. e.g /raidwarning 15 will notify me every 15mins if im being raided...
For emergencies such as server going down email: drunkmunki[at]

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